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Doggie Daycare First Snow of the Season

And so begins doggie daycare as the first snow flies this season! What with all the Chihuahuas in the house, you’d think it would be cause for glum puppies. But no, this doggie daycare posse welcomed it with races and frolics!

dust of snow doggie daycare
Chanel doesn’t mind the gentle dusting of snow in November

Coco and Chanel seem to love the snow this season as much as last season, though this first dusting is hardly the same as our last shoot in the snow.

doggie daycare snow last year
CoCo waded up to her chest in March 2017

CoCo and McGee raced each other around the yard, kicking up their heels while the snow gently fell. Smart dogs know how to stay warm.
races at doggie daycare

Shooting white dogs on snow is a bit of a challenge anyway, and when they’re moving like this – yikes!

race at doggie daycare

Senior Yorkie Buddy was very picturesque, and was lured into the frolics by young CoCo too.

Yorkie snow doggie daycare

yorkie and maltese doggie daycare

It’s baby chihuahua Chanel’s first snow. We were privileged to be there with her inĀ anotherĀ first. Remember when you were a kid and you made the first snowman, had the first snowball fight, took the first toboggan ride each winter? Wonder if Chanel’s got that feeling!

first snow puppy doggie daycare

puppy doggie daycare

Sister Jamila has her chihuahua priorities straight – give me the warm bed and blankies, baby sister can have the snow!

sister doggie daycare

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