coco chanel snowbirds

Snowbirds Coco and Chanel Last Ride

Coco and Chanel don’t plan to brave the Canadian winter. Their dad does it right – summer in Niagara and winter in Arizona! They’re  staying with us at Furever Pet Care  for a week while dad makes a quick trip to Florida. Then the whole family is off to their digs in the American south for the winter. We couldn’t resist taking them for what is likely their first and last ride in the convertible MGB on this balmy first of November.

coco and chanel toy dog boarding
Just so you know, the dogs were at not risk during the ride, even though the car is ever so close to the ground.  Not only are the pups wearing harnesses tethered to the car seat, their leashes are attached and in my hand – double insurance.
Coco is the chihuahua mix, and Chanel is the Miniature Pinscher. They are so bonded to one another, its an inspiration to share time with them. On this ride, both the girls needed a little reassurance that they were safe, and they soon came to enjoy the feel of the wind on their ears and all the wonderful smells wafting by.
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Snowbirds Last Ride in Canadian Fall

In fact, I could swear Chanel was asking me to go faster and faster!
snowbirds toy dog boarding
These girls are delightful, and I’m sure we’ll have more adventures this week before their big trip to the south! Read more about them in our previous post