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Coco and Chanel, Dog Training with a Mission

Well actually its less their mission than ours, ours in the sense of their extended family and friends. You see Chanel the Miniature Pinscher and Coco the Chihuahua mix were rescued just some months back by their now-furever dad. They had been wandering the streets of Phoeniz, AZ then parked at two different animal shelters in the region. 

Thankfully their lives took a turn for the fabulous when their now-dad scooped them up, adopted them, and gave them an amazing new chance at a second life.

They took to one another like sisters born to a pack.  That was a wonderful thing. They took much comfort from one another. Coco, who is shy and timid at first with people and dogs, followed her more outgoing new sister Chanel in all that she did.

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Rescued Dogs are Eternally Grateful

Its not surprising then, that they quickly became inseparable. So much so, that some behaviours that might have served them well on the streets as stray dogs started to come forward too strongly. They Their everyday lives has no place for aggressive pack behaviours. Now they are expected to have suitable doggie manners for living in close human communities.

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So that is our mission. To bring forward all their excellent dog qualities, allow them to enjoy each other’s company, to be safe and act safely towards others, and most of all have the best possible life.

Dog Training Journal

And it all starts with dog training. We are going to cover some of their key issues and dog training strategies in the hopes that it will help others too. Stay tuned for updates on their progress!

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UPDATE – this is an excerpt from a letter Coco & Chanel’s dad sent to Petsmart after his training course …

I absolutely want to congratulate you (Petsmart) over your dog trainer of Niagara Falls (Ont), Judith Keenan.
She is very professional,  talented and shows patience and love to our dogs.
I know she is relatively new at this job but she has a great future and everybody , and every dog,  will love her.
I have chihuahua dogs coming from a shelter in Arizona… they were not civil at all… You should see the improvement. .. You would not beleive it…
Thank you
– JP Drevillon