cute dog photography

Cute Dog Photography

With so many adorable, handsome and super cute puppies bopping around this weekend, we had a dog photography bonanza!

dog photography weekend

Starting with our furry friends the Yorkies-  Baby and Buddy. Our resident chihuahuas Jill, Gucci and McGee all posed in front of a pot of pretty petunias to make this delightful dog photo.

Cute Dog Photography

coco min pin relaxing

Chanel making herself so very comfortable. Who can blame her, that little green bed has a self-warming feature for cozy cuddling dogs.

boston terrier dog care

Axel has the best head tilt in Ridgeway!

pet sitting small dogs
Personal attention paid to every guest, all through their care at Furever Pet Care.

Penny has her own thoughts about how a bed oughta be.

chihuahua shih tzu dog care

What happens when a Shih Tzu falls in love with a Chihuahua? Well, something like little Chico here – adorable!

Dog Photography Can Be Yours!

If you are interested in dog photography for your favourite pooch or holiday celebrations, call or write us – we’d be glad to oblige!


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