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Dog Enrichment Can Take Many Forms

The phrase “dog enrichment” is the au currant term for adding brain games and socialization practices to your pet’s everyday life. In fact, there are 5 different types of enrichment to consider and incorporate into a dog’s life: 1) Social 2) Cognitive 3) Environmental 4) Sensory 5) Food. None of them have to be difficult or complicated. You may be surprised at what your pup finds fun, and how easy it is to add all kinds of enrichment into your everyday routine!

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Graduate Dog Training Pandemic Style

Dog Training during a global pandemic is not only possible, it’s proven! Here is a great big round up of all the dog training graduates that have persevered through the masks, and distancing, through the scary times before lock down and the surreal times after that. Congratulations and my most sincere “thank you” to all the pet parents that have allowed me to coach them, and their wonderful pups in these most strange of days.

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