Ciro Earns His First Trick Dog Title

Furever Pet Care day training program brought this young pup from no tricks to many tricks, and a bunch of confidence and focus along the way!

Trick Dog Training For Fun and Focus

Ciro Learned all his Tricks in eight weeks

Ciro was a typical baby puppy when he first started coming to Furever Pet Care for enrichment via social playdates. We quickly realized his potential, and the thrill in is tail wags when we put him through some basic training. So we asked his parents if they would be interested in having him participate in our Play & Train Program. Happily for all of us, they agreed!

Ciro when we first met him as a puppy new to his furever home

In just a few short weeks, Ciro was eagerly participating in training sessions and demonstrating a terrific aptitude for tricks. He was not particularly food motivated. In fact, he rarely took treats in those early sessions. However, it was obvious he enjoyed the attention. More than that, he seemed to love being challenged to think a task through.

Using positive reinforcement techniques, we slowly shaped some of his “nuisance” behaviours like jumping on people into tricks on cue. Now we can let him do his jumping, but constructively, in a way that is fun not annoying.

Ciro at home reported by mum after day training!

Congratulations Trick Dog!

We earn our Trick Dog titles through Kyra Sundance‘s organization called Do More With Your Dog! Trainer Sherry Orich evaluated our video for eligibility. Even though I am a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, I can not evaluate a dog when I am the handler. Sherry runs a Facebook Sparks Team called Endless Pawsabilities. If you are interested in earning Trick Titles with your dog, contact me or join Sherry’s Sparks Team – so much fun for parents and puppies!

Novice Trick Dog Title

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