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Candice Shute CPDT-KA is the Owner/Dog Trainer of Unleashed Niagara. I have been an Instructor at Unleashed Niagara since 2019. I am very grateful to Candice for her mentorship and patience and credit her greatly for the successes I have achieved with each of my dogs.

I pride myself in continuing my own education and evolving my style and curriculum with the latest science. Dog training is just like our own education. It needs to develop to accommodate this ever changing world in which we live.
Using positive reinforcement techniques, I prefer to take the time to help the positive traits and qualities in each dog develop. There is never one right answer to resolving dog training issues. The only thing that will always remain the same is this — I will never give up on a family and their dog. Even if I don’t know the right answer, we will work together to find it. As long as a family is willing to put in the effort, I will always be right there with them.

– Candice Shute

About The School

Unleashed Niagara Dog Training School is a 1500 square foot open space located in St Catherines, Ontario. The space is fully covered with non slip, padded agility matting. That ensures 100% safety no matter what type of class is being conducted. We are ready for puppy social play time, dog obedience training, dog sports or a private rental on a rainy day. The facility is climate controlled to ensure the comfort of dogs at all times, whether weather is extremely hot or cold!

Unleashed Niagara Current Dog Training

Testimonials from our wonderful Unleashed students!

… Your clarity and straightforwardness in laying out expectations – … is greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with you and your team – Marie & Tommy Douglas, Family Manners Level 1

I just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoy Merlin’s classes and how pleased I am with his progress.  I find it amazing how much I get out of it personally.  I swear it’s a huge mood lift to work on something with him and see it coming together like this.  I couldn’t be more impressed with how he was at the start of classes and how he’s doing now.  – Amanda & Merlin, Chihuahua, Family Manners 1 & Tiny Train & Brain Lv 1

… thank you so much for all your encouragement – it was such a positive experience for the both of us! – Heather & Dozer

… thank you for a wonderful class! Despite the performance today, we really did learn so much and had fun. I am slowly seeing some improvements with Maggie.   We look forward to continuing our training.  – Nathalie and Maggie the Sheepdog Poodle

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