Unleashed Niagara is Where I’m At

Me and the fur-babies have some exciting news to share with you.  I am now a certified and official Dog Trainer at Unleashed Niagara!

From Students to Teachers

If you follow us online, you will have seen me, McGee, Jill and now Stella working our way through various dog courses at Unleashed Niagara. We loved it so much, and the dogs did so well, I was thrilled to take the relationship one step further and accept Candice’s offer to teach there too.

stage dog training

Unleashed Niagara presents an amazing range of dog oriented sports and dog training enrichment. Starting with basic obedience skills, this professional dog school led by my mentor and colleague Candice Shute CPDT-KA, takes pride in working hand-in-hand with parents to reach their dog behaviour goals. Whether those goals are simple Family Manners, or you aspire to high-level sports like flyball, agility, scent work, trick titles, rally-obedience and more, Unleashed Niagara can get you there.

We are also offering specialized lessons like Puppy Socials and Desensitization Sessions, especially created to support families who may have acquired their new furry family members during COVID lock-down, and are managing the tricky transition into the post-pandemic state of affairs.

I loved my time training dogs at Petsmart Niagara Falls. I met many of you there for the first time! And I am even more excited to put that experience into a larger context. This is your invitation to pop over to Unleashed Niagara to discover your dog’s new favourite past-time, from sport-oriented obedience to positively reinforcing activities that help balance your dog’s life!

Jill Puppy Graduate

Training Dogs at
Unleashed Niagara
225 St Paul St West, St Catharines
Instagram: @unleashedniagara

P.S. My home-based home dog boarding business continues; you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and my website as usual

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