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Dog Training and Boarding Overview

For current rates on any of the following services offered by Furever Pet Care, contact Judith Keenan via email, text or phone

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Dog Training

Judith Keenan is a dog trainer who has earned the credential of Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) through the international organization CCPDT. Her dog training is focused on positive reinforcement using Least Intrusive Minimally Invasive (LIMA) guidelines.  She has also attained Trick Dog Trainer (CTDI) certification through the Kyra Sundance Do More With Your Dog program.

She trains dog one on one through Furever Pet Care and spends time training dogs with Candice Shute, CPDT-KA owner of Unleashed Niagara in St Catharines, Ontario. 

Dog Boarding

Care for pets in our home for a 24-hour period. Rates are quoted on a per night basis, regardless of drop off or pick up times. Service also includes walks, feeding and plenty of cuddles, no extra charge!

Dog Board & Train Programs

When your dog stays with Furever Pet Care in a board and train session, we will be working on behavioural elements such as structured looshh leash walking, socialization, and calm crating.  We will also be building foundation behaviours via cues such as focus, leave/drop, recall, sit, lie down, stay and recall. If there are cues or behaviours you require specific to your family lifestyle we can incorporate them into the curriculum.

Once your dog has completed a board and train program, we will spend  time together with the dog and the whole family in a de-briefing session. We will also be modifying your home set up for the dogs continued success. You are entitled to a free session of training following the de-briefing session. I am available for unlimited phone and email support for the month following the stay.  Ongoing support is only offered to families who continue with the training once the dog goes home and follows our recommendations. 


Once your dog has completed a board and train program with Furever Pet Care, you will have the opportunity for additional structured boarding or daycare.  We strongly encourage families to plan to undertake formal training in a dog school practicing positive reinforcement methods. You are not in any way obligated to come to the school where I teach, but know that I do also teach at professional dog school Unleashed Niagara.

I practice positive reinforcement training, and am certified by Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. Furever Pet Care is insured, and client testimonials are published on my website. 

Dog Play & Train Sessions

Dog Play & Train sessions allow pet parents to drop off their dog at my home on a designated day and time. The dogs are trained according to a pre-approved training plan, which could include time on leash and off leash, being around or playing with other dogs. The training plan is unique to each guest dog. I arrange each session with select dogs to ensure compatibility and enrichment. It gives the participating dogs socialization time to hone their dog behaviour skills under my dog training supervision. Sessions are 30 to 90 minutes in duration, bookings are required in advance, and rates are set according to the training plan. More details about Furever Pet Care dog socials here.


Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting services bring the caregiver into the pet owner’s home or farm during their family’s time away. We do not offer Pet Sitting services at this time. However we do have trusted colleagues who we are pleased to refer.

Pet Transport

We can pick up or drop off a pet to make things easier for owners. This is an add-on to our dog boarding service only; contact us for rates.

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