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Private Small Dog Training

Small dogs can do everything other dogs can do, when given the right opportunities to shine! Personal Small Dog Training can be key to a lifetime of good manners.

Judith Keenan, Certified Dog Trainer CPDT-KA, CTDI (that’s me!) uses the science of Positive Reinforcement to help you raise happy tiny friends. I offer in-home small dog training customized to dogs under 15 lbs. Training includes topics from basic obedience and good manners to games and fitness to enhance your dog’s sporting abilities and mental enrichment.

Why Do Small Dog Training?

The miniature statures of small dogs affect their perception of the world. And it is a proven fact that the nervous system of tiny dogs is more tightly packed in their small frames. Both these facts can lead to behaviours that are not ideal. For instance, excessive shyness, nuisance barking, fear aggression, and more.

Small Dog Training How To’s

I use a range of exercises and techniques to accomplish a family’s goals for their dog. This could include confidence boosting fun games, dog tricks, and / or canine enrichment activities. I use choice-based, positive reinforcement dog training strategies exclusively.

Sessions take place inside and outside my home base in North Niagara Falls. We will do excursions to appropriate local settings as required. The yard at Furever Pet Care measures just under 1/2 acre, is fully fenced with double entry gates, regularly maintained and has two separate dog-safe areas. To see the layout, check out the link for renting this space.

The dog, or dogs, may be paired with others of compatible disposition if socialization is also on the To Do list. A balance of play time and training time will be used to deliver a balanced experience.

Dogs may start at any age. Program requires a minimum of 4 visits, ideally at regular 7 to 10 day intervals. Once chosen, your day of the week and time of day will be held for your program duration.

Small Dog Training Rates & Format

Rates are customized based on several factors:

  • Private or semi-private session
  • Amount of previous training
  • Training goals to be addressed
  • Number of overall sessions required to realistically attain progress
  • Amount of at-home practice undertaken by dog’s family
  • Pet Parents attend all sessions
  • After a minimum of 3 sessions, a 1 hour private session with the family is completed to transfer those dog handling skills back to Pet Parents

Fees are payable in advance. A quote and other details will be sent after a 15 minute virtual first consult.

For more information, or to schedule a Virtual Consult contact Judith Keenan via email at fureverca-at-gmail-dot-com.

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