Testimonials – Dog Training

Team Percy

They say a dog trainer is only as good as the dogs (and parents) they’ve trained. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work with amazing dog owners and their charges.

Amanda & Merlin

I just wanted to thank you very much for everything that you have taught me and your kindness and patience with Merlin and I.  I’d be grateful for any suggestions as to what you would recommend next.  ….  I really do appreciate your time and help with him.  

Amanda & Merlin Chihuahua

Thank you so much for sharing! We really enjoyed the class and Coco has made some amazing improvements. We only adopted her June 15th and at that point she had spent her whole life in a shelter. She didn’t even know how to climb stairs when we first brought her home. We still have lots of work ahead of us, but I’m so proud of how far she’s come in a short amount of time – and I attribute that to your class. Helping us understand how to work with her, how to motivate and reward her… training me to help train her. It’s been a tremendous help. We will continue working at home, focusing on short positive experiences, building her confidence and trust and then hopefully try the class again 🙂

– Nikki & Coco

Thank you so much for all of your support, instruction, help, hard work and for making tricks so fun.  We love tricks — it’s fun and it helps in other areas. If we happen to get a title along the way – it’s the icing on the cake LOL! – Sue & Chevy

– Sue & Chevy Wheaton Terrier

Can’t say enough good things about Unleashed
! My puppy Trixie & I, Just completed our
first family manners level 1 course. Trixie started
out the course as a very timid and hesitant puppy
& finished with a new found sense of confidence.
Trixie has had a rough go with training in the past
and we are so glad we found Unleashed. Training
can be a hard & frustrating process for both the
handler & pup, but Unleashed gave us both a new
and positive perspective on training. Judith was
the trainer for our class and she helped to find the
best approach for each dog as no two dogs
respond the same way. She was so adaptive and
encouraging throughout the whole process and
answered so many of our questions along the
way. We are looking forward to enrolling in more
classes with Unleashed and telling all our friends
and family that this is without a doubt the best
place to go to train you & your pup. – Olivia Wall

Thanks so much for your kind + positive feedback!! The past 10 weeks were very informative + a lot of fun! You are an awesome trainer + I hope Pegs + I have the pleasure of having you guide us + encourage us again in the future! 
Thanks so much Judith,

Thanks Judith for working with Whiskey and especially me…….I appreciated your advice…on to the next challenge!

Judith was a great trainer, very friendly and knowledgeable 5 stars – Kobe’s Mum

Judith is a patient and professional trainer. I trust her judgement and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for training classes. – 5 stars – Styx’s mum

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