Private Dog Training To Meet Your Needs

There is no age limit or need for previous experience when it comes to private dog training skill development, there is always something new for our dogs to learn, or skills to brush up on!

Private Dog Training Skill Development

Private dog training can be a terrific choice for all kinds of pet parents. Perhaps you work unusual hours. Maybe the dog gets car sick. Perhaps your dog needs instruction very specific to the realities of your home. Often pet parents needs extra help when a second (or third!) dog is added to the home, and all the canines need some manners tuned up!

Furever Pet Care’s Judith Keenan, CPDT-KA, CTDI is available to assist you one-on-one to reach dog training goals. Private dog training sessions can take place at your home, at Furever Pet Care, or in the real world environment where you and your dog may be struggling.

  • Basics (sit, down, leave, drop, off, focus)
  • Create Training / Calming Behaviours
  • New Puppy or Adoption
  • General Good Manners
  • Loose-Leash Walking
  • Reliable Recall
little dog social play date

Private Dog Training Sport Skills

Furever Pet’s Judith Keenan is a Certified Dog Trick Trainer through Do More With Your Dogs (US). Learning tricks can liven up puppy’s skills across the board. Plus its fun to show off at family gatherings BOL! We use dog trick training to boost confidence, increase focus, and create deeper bonds with the dogs in training. That means better results for pet parents too.

Stella has Expert Level Tricks, including this one called the Back Stall

Free Pre-Training Consult

Not sure what kind of training you need? Want to get to know me before you move forward with a dog training strategy? I will set up a free 15 minute virtual meeting to determine what type of service and dog training plan may best suit your time, budget and experience. Training works best when the plan is realistic and bespoke for your needs!

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