Dog Training Christmas Holiday Frolic

Dog Tricks Shine in Christmas Holiday Frolic Video 2023

Unleashed Niagara is a professional dog training school in St Catherines, Canada. Our Holiday Frolic 2023 video celebrates the achievements of our dedicated and talented students and instructors this year.

Me and Owner/Trainer Candice Shute, CPDT-KA collaborate with our students in the practice, performance and recording of a series of choreographed dog routines and super-star dog tricks. We pride ourselves on our dedication to positive reinforcement dog training, and I think it shines through in the enthusiasm of the dogs and their handlers.

Professional Dog Training School Releases Annual Dog Trick Video

Performers feature rehabilitated rescue dogs, puppy purebreds, and their dedicated Niagara caregivers. In this time of animal shelters overwhelmed with unwanted dogs, this collaboration showcases the incredible talents that can result from positive reinforcement training.

The 2023 Holiday Frolic is the second annual video to be produced. Set to the music of Taylor Swift’s Christmas Tree Farm, it includes clips from many of the types of classes taught Unleashed Niagara. From Rally FrEe, CARO Rally, Rally Obedience and Tricks to Treibbel, Flyball, Disc Dog and the newest sport in Canada called Hoopers, each dog training team gives it their all.

christmas holiday frolic chihuahua

Dog Trick Training for Christmas Holiday Frolic

We started rehearsing in September, individually and in pairs and with the whole group. In late November we undertook a dress rehearsal, with the big day of filming in early December. The editing process was intense, sorting through more than 276 individual media clips to find the jewels for the final product. Sounds like a lot of work right, but when you love what you do it feels more like play!

Chevy The Wheaten Terrier in his little Christmas house

Find out more about Niagara Unleashed dog training at  @unleashedniagara2808 

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