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Board and train explained

The pandemic has had all kinds of effects on families and the dogs who live with them.

Some of the effects are terrific. Dogs received lots of attention from folks locked down with them. What puppy doesn’t love being the center of the universe?

Some of those effects are not so desirable. The change in family dynamic that come with a return to a more “normal” pattern has made for dogs who have a hard time being separated from their people even for brief durations; dogs that are overly reactive; dogs that are overly fearful; dogs unable to adapt to change. For these families, a board and train program may provide respite and a fresh perspective.

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Novice Master Dog Trick Title, Stella

Stella and I achieved our Master Novice Trick Title with a repertoire of 33 moves. Trick titles are fun to work on, and so rewarding for you and your pup. We do ours with an organization called Do More With Your Dog and this is our video submission that earned the dog trick title. This little gal is moving on to Intermediate next, because she loves this stuff!

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Dog Enrichment Can Take Many Forms

The phrase “dog enrichment” is the au currant term for adding brain games and socialization practices to your pet’s everyday life. In fact, there are 5 different types of enrichment to consider and incorporate into a dog’s life: 1) Social 2) Cognitive 3) Environmental 4) Sensory 5) Food. None of them have to be difficult or complicated. You may be surprised at what your pup finds fun, and how easy it is to add all kinds of enrichment into your everyday routine!

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Graduate Dog Training Pandemic Style

Dog Training during a global pandemic is not only possible, it’s proven! Here is a great big round up of all the dog training graduates that have persevered through the masks, and distancing, through the scary times before lock down and the surreal times after that. Congratulations and my most sincere “thank you” to all the pet parents that have allowed me to coach them, and their wonderful pups in these most strange of days.

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