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Positive Training for Tiny Dogs

A positive reinforcement dog training approach to creating happy tiny friends! Customized dog training geared to dogs UNDER 10 lbs.

Dogs in small packages have miniature statures that affect their perception of the world. Science also reminds us that their nervous system is also more tightly packed, which can lead to some of the less desirable behaviours the tinies can be prone to, i.e. excessive shyness, anxiety, yapping, skittishness, fear aggression and the like.

Using confidence boosting games, tricks, enrichment strategies and choice-based training techniques, our goal is to help you train your tiny dog to be confident and well mannered.

Specializing in tiny breeds – Chihuahua, Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, Toy Poodles and of course our favourite breed – rescued!

These dog training classes are taught by instructor Judith Keenan at professional dog school Unleashed Niagara. For dogs aged 4 to 5 months and over. Suitable for dogs who may have received basic training and would like alternative techniques to build success, or dogs who have not received any formal dog training to date.

NEW! Train & Brain for Tiny Dogs

Duration 8 weeks. Max class size 6.

Check the Unleashed Niagara website for upcoming Session Dates!

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