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Little Dog Socials, Play Time for Tiny Pups!

Fun and Games for your Little Dog under 10 pounds! Little Dog Socials are offered to families with little dogs and tiny dogs whose outside and / or social time with other dogs is otherwise limited. The Little Dog Socials can be especially helpful during the harsh weather!

These sessions are open to dogs of all ages, though intended for those age six months or older. Little Dogs participating must be reliably potty trained and non-reactive to other dogs. Families who are fostering small dogs are more than welcome.

We host Puppy Socials at Unleashed Niagara specifically for puppies under 5 months of age — check those out if you have a younger puppy!

little dog play date social

Little Dog Socials

These sessions allow pet parents to drop off their dog at my home at a designated day and time. I arrange each session with a limited number of select dogs to ensure compatibility and enrichment in each session. The participating dogs remain under my dog training supervision to ensure appropriate interactions and fun enrichment.

DATES & TIMES: we schedule Little Dog Social sessions on request, typically during weekdays, mornings and some evenings and weekends.

INDOOR: Sessions are primarily indoors in my home, where we have a dedicated Play Room complete with dog play equipment and toys. Your dog will be taken outside for potty, or in suitable weather.

DURATION: 30 to 90 Minutes per session, depending on the dog.

GROUP SIZE: Up to 4 guest dogs. The group may be supplemented with one of our well trained resident dogs for maximum benefit to all.

REQUIRED: Proof of vaccinations and flea/tick preventative; signed Participation Waiver. New participants will require one meet and greet with the dog prior to first session. I reserve the right to decline your dogs participation if, at any time, I feel they are not benefitting, or are not compatible with the play group.

Private Dog Training is available separately.

BOOKING & CANCELLATION POLICY: Fee is $25 per session (incl HST) per dog. Reservation and payment required IN ADVANCE so I can ensure good dog matches. No refunds. If cancellation is due to weather, a make up session will be arranged.

LOCATION: 6530 Russell St Niagara Falls ON L2J 1P7

If you are interested in joining our ongoing program, email us via our contact page here!

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