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Pandemic Playdate Program Wrap Up

The A + B + C+ D alphabet spells out the end of our pandemic-response scheduled play date program here at Furever Pet Care. But there are still options for your summer puppy fun.

A – the summer is in full swing. B – the humans have been (mostly) poked and freed. C – many of our playdate families want to get out, travel and do stuff with their entire pack, including the dog. Mixing and mingling means your dogs get to see new friends too. D – One of the main reasons we launched the pandemic playdate program was to help dogs prepare for this very time, when they would again be out and about in social settings, dog and human, that are more like “normal” times.

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Parent-Less Play Dates for Dogs, New for Summer 2020

Parent-less Play Dates at Furever Pet Care! Is doggy feeling a little cooped up? Not quite as social as s/he was pre-pandemic? Maybe doggie needs to let off some steam and hang out with canine compadres. Perhaps you need to do a little line-up-and-wait-shopping. Whatever the reason, Furever is happy to host your dawg for a parent-less play date!

Stella the Min Pin and Piper the Foxhound are well matched for play.

Your dog(s) will be matched with another dog(s) whose energy and attitude are complementary. They will have a good ol’ romp supervised by me – dog trainer and long-time dog boarding host – while hooman parents take care of other non-doggie business. We have a huge back yard, fully fenced for big and littles, plus separate fenced areas. Our double-gated entrance allows for maximum dog safety, as well as social distancing precautions.

Comfort and Joy the Beagle siblings at Furever Pet Care

What do parents get out of it? A happily tired and well-played pup, peace of mind, and a nice calm dog companion for a day or two!

Parent-Less Playdate Pandemic Help

Typical play date is 40 to 60 minutes, depending on dog energy and dog-manners or experience. Appointments by pre-arrangement, indoor and outdoor options, daytime and evening availability. Dogs are required to be vaccinated and up to date with tick/flea preventatives, appropriate to age.

Contact us by email fureverca@gmail-dot-com to book your Parent-less Playdate at Furever Pet Care.

ALSO NEW for Summer 2020 – Puppy Playdates! Age appropriate supervised socialization for young dogs. More here ….