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Friday Frolics – Puppy Playdates Are A Hit

Our Friday Frolics puppy playdates and doggy daycare have been a terrific success for the dogs and the pet parents taking part. The dogs go home happy and tired, and pet parents are able to really get things done while puppies are at play!

Fun Puppy Playdates

Puppy playdates are an immediate and absolute cure-all for any bad mojo you or your dog may be feeling – how can you look at these rambunctious rascals and NOT want to play along?!

Pet Parents have their dogs take part for one or a number of reasons. For example:

  • Puppies not yet old enough to attend training classes, go far from home, or have not received all their puppy vaccinations benefit greatly from safe, supervised socialization with other healthy, well-mannered dogs
  • The mix of ages and energy levels can help overly shy or overly rambunctious dogs learn polite doggy manners without pressure
  • Supervised by yours truly, active dog trainer and currently enrolled in sports and training classes with my own dogs
  • High energy dogs get a chance to blow off extra energy while moms and dads get things done, around the house or out of town

We are pleased to share that most pet parents report their dogs look pretty much like Bentley here after a satisfying round with the other dogs!

Puppy Playdate Snooze

Daycare or Playdate Options

We currently have two Friday options: half-day doggy daycare and drop-in playdates. Daycare dogs come at a pre-scheduled time mid-day, and are picked up between 5pm – 6pm. Drop in playdate visits are pre-scheduled between 2pm and 4pm, approximately 40 mins per visit. The cost of either of these options is quite reasonable, based on frequency, pay-as-you-go, and start from $20 per visit.

Spots are limited, and are typically booked at least one to two weeks in advance. As we move inside during the winter months, the format of the day may change to accommodate the dogs attending. If yours is a dog new to us, we will arrange a no-cost meet and greet in order to know how best to integrate your dog into the pack activities.

Big or small, young or young at heart, we look forward to playing with your pup during these trying times. Contact us via email – fureverca – at – gmail – dot- com.