ADOPTED! – Olde English Bulldog x Boxer Puppy

ADOPTED! Born on June 25, 2020, Harley Quinn Olde English Bulldog Boxer mixed breed dog came to Furever Pet Care at the age of 8 weeks. Due to human circumstances beyond her control, she is now looking for a permanent furever home. Read more about this charming bulldog puppy below!

It was reported that Harley Quinn’s dog mom was an Olde English Bulldog; her dad was a mixed Old English Bulldog and Boxer dog. Since the OEB itself is a mixture of several breeds, she will be likely her own one-of-a-kind bully. She does seem to have the easy going personality of a bulldog. As she develops physical coordination and her body grows, she is also starting to show the signs of athleticism (i.e. big energy!) for which both boxers and OEB are known. We predict, and this is just a guess at this point, she will be a medium-sized dog, perhaps 40-50 pounds.

The vet that administered her first set of puppy vaccines reports that her parents were family-owned dogs who were intentionally bred. The adult dogs seem to have had nice personalities. We are not certain how old she was when taken from her litter mates, but happily she has settled in at Furever Pet Care quite well. Of course she is teething and mouthy; she is being persuaded to keep four feet on the ground rather than jumping and nipping as much as possible.

harley quinn bulldog at 8 weeks
Harley Quinn Bulldog Mix at 8 weeks

She is now comfortable being crated for periods of time. She does let us know when she has to potty with a distinctive whine-bark which has been quite helpful in housebreaking. She has an occasional accident, and may revert somewhat when transferred to a new home.

Of course being fostered in the home of a dog trainer, she is getting a nice head start on obedience cues. Shaping games help develop her mind, and she is participating in puppy social meet ups with dogs her own age to help develop her doggy manners. We will continue to educate and socialize her until her furever family is found.

Harley Quinn bulldog puppy adopt

Harley Quinn seems to be more interested in exploring the world and chewing anything in reach than cuddling in a lap at the moment, even though her sweet face is ever so squishable!

She is good with other dogs of many sizes and ages, and does respond appropriately to those dogs who prefer not to engage with those sharp little puppy teeth. She has not yet been cat-tested, nor child-tested.

We are looking for an adoptive family that is familiar with bully breed personalities. They tend to be independently minded and strong willed, so require a firm hand throughout their young lives to be the best possible adult companion.

She has received an all-clear Wellness Check during her stay with us; she is up to date on puppy vaccinations; flea & tick preventative and de-worming. Olde English Bulldogs as a breed tend to be healthier than English Bulldogs, but the adoptive family should be fully aware of the financial costs of keeping this type of dog in good health. Please research the breed thoroughly before applying to add this dog to your pack.

Harley Quinn Bulldog at 8 weeks

How to Adopt Bulldog Boxer Puppy

Adoption fee is $1,200. Interested families are asked to send information about themselves and their dog ownership experience BY EMAIL ONLY. Our email address can be found on this website contact page.

Interested families are asked to contact via email by September 26, 2020. An application will be sent to those who are pre-screened. All completed applications will be reviewed and eligible families contacted after that date.