bulldog pet care

Woolly Bulldog Pet Care

Woolly the Bulldog came all the way from Virginia to visit Niagara Falls with his family. We were happy to offer him Woolly Bulldog pet care!

Bulldog Pet Care

English Bulldogs are famous for their wrinkles. Did you know that every dogs wrinkle pattern is unique to them alone? It’s like a finger print in people.

bulldog pet care

Woolly gave us a bit of a scare. He spends 24/7 with his pet parents – his dad is retired and takes this Bulldog everywhere all the time. While that is quite the fine life for any dog, it does not give him a lot of time to feel confident when he has to stay home by himself. When we had him for dog boarding, Woolly got quite anxious.

One of the ways separation anxiety shows itself with a bulldog like Woolly, is a kind of hyperventilating. This time, so much so that he started to show serious signs of over-heating. Yikes!  The fact that he was over weight did not help his condition.

bulldog pet care

We had to move fast to cool him down. Cool gel pads under him, cool wet towels over his head, ears, paws, groin, armpits, tummy – anywhere we could to bring down the heat without shocking him.

It worked, and we got him back before anything more serious occurred. What a scare! The vet on call at DogVacay, the service we use to book dog boarding, was super helpful too.

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His parents returned early, and told us THEN that he has a particular tendency for this. Certainly gives us a big heads up to ask bulldog owners for even more details  about their pups before they venture off!