Dogs Believe in Santa Paws

Christmas is coming! Yes I know dogs don’t follow the calendar per se, and their religion is of another sort. But surely they can feel the energy that comes along with Christmas outfit sales daze!

We started off with the goods – the chihuahuas know what’s up – they’ve been through many Christmases past!

santa paws christmas outfits

Dogs Believe in Santa Paws

Coco and Chanel were our first practice models. Being super wiggly one year olds meant that just the basic outfits would do.

p1240835_coco_chanel_christmas p1240834_chanel_christmas p1240826-coco_outfit

Our Yorkie regulars Buddy and Baby are a whole other story. They are wonderful doggie models cause we can dress them right up. Once their bums are in the right place, there they stay.

yorkies believe in santa paws

Buddy has the “over the shoulder” move down pat. While Baby bats his big ol’ brown eyes like nobody’s business.

baby santa paws

Dogs believe in Santa Paws, we’re sure they do. Mosey on over to your local thrift store or pet mart, or dig out the kids costumes, grab the camera and make your own dog photo shoot. If you want a few pointers, we’re happy to host you here at Furever Pet Care!

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