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Korean Jindo Dog Boarding Tales

Our friend Moira finally did it! She adopted a lovely young dog, a  Korean Jindo Dog to be specific, and named him Soy. That as in soy latte, the color of his beautiful coat.

korean jindo dog portrait

Korean Jindo Dog

He is on his way to developing the super-strong loyalty to Moira the breed is known for. And since he was rescued from the dog meat trade, his desire to bond to his human is even more pronounced.

That same super-bond and one-person loyalty can be a challenge as well. He has become a little too possessive of her when he’s at home, looking to keep boyfriends and friends at bay!  We’ve been helping Moira with dog training suggestions on manage his understanding on that front.

Rescue is our Favorite Breed

Because the Korean Jindo Dog is a highly intelligent dog breed, they learn quickly. He already knows his basic cues from attending puppy obedience classes – sit, down, touch and more.

korean jindo dog soy bed

Soy was rescued and brought to Canada because he started life destined to be someone’s supper. The meat dog trade is far more ubiquitous in parts of Asia than here in Canada, though surprisingly my research uncovered the following fact: It is legal to sell and serve dog meat, providing that it must be killed and gutted in front of federal inspectors. If a dog is killed out of the view of federal inspectors, the killing might involve cruelty, which would be a violation of the Criminal Code, and those convicted may be sentenced to up to 5 years in prison.

korean jindo dog soy breakfast

Obviously Soy will now never be food himself. In fact, he’s at an age and place in his new life where getting him interested in his own meals are a challenge. He did eat a nice breakfast this morning, along with our chihuahua pack – he wanted what they were having! We will do our best to give him as much as he wants.

korean jindo dog santa pawsSanta Paws is coming!

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