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Fall Petsitting at the Horse Farm

Caring for horses at the horse farm during fall weather can include very considered judgement calls.  What about that rain – wet and cold together is exactly the forecast that calls for staying in the stall!

Will it be too cold for overnight turn out? Should they come in for at least part of that heavy rainy day? Good thing Gracie, Sawyer and Tucker have their rain sheets on, cause there’s going to be a wet spate tonight and all day tomorrow.

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Fall Weather and Petsitting at the Horse Farm

Generally speaking, horses do fine in the colder weather. As long as they have hay to munch, which in turn generates their body heat and enough water to help digest it, they can rest easy through the lower temperatures of our average Niagara fall season.

Typically a horse would grow a heavier winter outer coat that adds to their cold weather comfort.  The horses at Rose Farm are often shown in competitive Painted Horse shows, so their own coats are for the most part kept clipped and shorn, Gracie’s in particular.

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Mya came along for the morning feeding – she still doesn’t quite know what to make of these very large puppies! Sawyer, well, he’s an old hat at new dogs.

horse care at the farm

Happily for us, the wet cold rain lasted for just a night and a day. We were able to turn the horses out to pasture which they certainly enjoy more.  The horses next door were calling them out to play too!

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