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Pet Home Visit with Golden Lab Avalon

Sometimes petsitting means caring for animals at their own place. We got to do pet home visits with Golden Lab Avalon, a ten-month old pup who lives just out of town. 

Pet Home Visits in the Country

Avalon has the run of a pretty big piece of property. Her pet parents have wisely taught her there are boundaries for where she is free to roam off leash, close to the house.

pet home visits in the snow

Farther afield, she needs to be with one of her humans. But what fun fields and trails there are for her! We took one path down by the canal that had tons of bunny tracks to snurffle, and the odd goose to stare down.

Sunshine pet home visits

trail hike pet home visit

Our time doing pet home visits with Avalon were right after the monster snow days in March. It was quite the workout for both of us – snow up to her chest and way over my boots. That did not stop Avalon from finding the big sticks she loves to carry around and chew on. Hey, every dog needs a job – Avalon is the official stick police!

carry a big stick pet home visit

We took the opportunity to exercise her brain as well as her braun; climbing “up” on the picnic table and “wait / watch me” for the photo op.

pet home visit photo op

After the hikes, we spent a bit of time cooling down. Doggie yoga and massage for princess Avalon.

pet home visit massage

Looking forward to another pet home visit with this lovely lab!

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