pet sitting march 2017

March in Review, Dog Boarding Guests

What a lovely roster of new dog pet sitting guests this past month. From tiny puppy dogs to pony-sized senior dogs, from home visits to extended stays at our house, we have been privileged to welcome many new dog boarding and dog daycare pups in March 2017. Here’s a little recap in pictures.

Jack the Shih Tzu Poodle was one of the first through the door in March 2017. A seven pound 4 month old bundle of energy. He loves everybody and everything.

jack dog boarding

Next up, Oscar the Maltese Shih Tzu, 6 months old and growing fast.

star dog boarding

No surprise that this combination made for super playful puppy playdates, and we made excuses to have more than one.

play puppy petsitting

Jack was here when Hali arrived one, so he got to meet a really really big gal. Actually, she is rather small for a Great Dane at just one hundred pounds.

great dane meet up

Hali is a gentle giant. She came to Furever Pet Care several times in March. Her favourite pastime was watching the world go by out the front window.

great dane dog care

hali dog boarding

Jack also met our regular Yorkie guests, Baby and Buddy.  Buddy was a very good model for Jack’s training – not sure Jack understood the idea of “sit” at the time, but he’s getting there!

buddy and jack puppy petsitting

Resident chihuahua Jill prefers to snuggle up with Buddy the Yorkie.

Baby dog boardingWe continued to rock the Poodle Shih Tzu tip when CoCo and Chanel came for a meet and greet followed by an extended stay. Lovely ladies in their stylish cuts.

poodle shih tzu guests

We went on a pet home visit for our Golden Retriever Lab gal Avalon.  Cancelled due to crazy snowstorm on the first planned date, it made for some fun frolics in drifts up to her armpits on the next three dates!

pet home visits in the snow

Stirling the Lab and Gibson the Shih Tzu Pug are brothers whose usual temporary caregivers live a really long way away from their home base. Their pet parents were looking for a place close by for short stays. After a short first dog daycare visit, we’ve found Stirling to be a delightful handful, and Gibson the perfect gentleman. They are scheduled to come by again soon.

dog boarding guests Gibson and Stirling

Buddy number two in March is a shy chocolate chihuahua rescued by his now furever mom. Our man McGee really liked Buddy’s visit. But not to be outdone in that department …

chihuahua guest dog

… our second dog in March, another named Jack is a chihuahua too! McGee is in chihuahua heaven this month.

chihuahua dog boarding

All in all its been an amazing month for dog boarding and doggy daycare, we are humbled and thrilled that our client pet parents are happy, and the dogs usually happy AND tired out from the games and activities we conjure up for each and every one.

Stay tuned here on Furever Pet Care and our Facebook Page for April reports and more over the upcoming Easter holidays.

pet sitting march 2017

A tip of the hat to support your local rescue groups and shelters in finding homes for adoptable rabbits and other creatures big and small.