puppy dog training grad Oscar

Puppy Training Grads, Look at them Now

The learning never stops – for me, the families and the fur-babies. Puppy Training Class, Graduates of April 1, 2017 – congrats to an amazing crew of puppy parents!

The Benefits of Puppy Training

Rooney on her first day of class, only as big as half a shoe!

puppy training class RooneyShe’s now ALMOST as big as dad’s shoe! Rooney was an amazingly quick study, which her hooman parents Allyson and Mike nurtured through dedicated puppy training.
puppy training class rat terrier

We hope Rooney, Mike and Allyson join us in the next level too.

Here’s Bits on her first day of class, so shy she hid behind her people-sister Tabitha.

puppy training class BitsNow she’s at the head of the class! Puppy training can give shy dogs a lot of confidence, which makes them safer and happier puppies!
puppy training class yorkie

Here’s Penny on her first day of class, when she had a lot to say and kept on saying it – BOL BOL!

puppy training class Penny

Providing Penny with guidelines for polite puppy behaviour – sit, down, meeting other dogs, meeting people and more – gave her ways other than barking to spend that puppy energy. So now she is Penny the Puppy Training Grad – with her peeps Marcus, Wendy, Hannah and Abigail. She can now do puppy pushups like a pro, and oh so quiet when she’s doing it!

Last but not by any means the least, that’s Oscar the Mal-shi up in the top picture, with his dad Sydney.  Here’s the whole family at the beginning of the puppy training course.

puppy training class Oscar

Oscar will continue his life long education out in the real world, and we’re happy to report that we will be seeing him regularly at Furever Pet Doggie Daycare!

With thanks to Petsmart for their support of people and pet education across the country, and in our little Niagara Falls community too.

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