doggie christmas hat holiday

Doggie Christmas Hat Holiday

doggie christmas hat mcgeeThis year’s theme – doggie Christmas Hat holiday! This is the first year in quite a while we don’t have ready access to a whole lighting set up. Necessity is the mother of invention – natural light and close ups are the order of the day.

Doggie Christmas Hat Photos

Using what presents itself makes for fun, spontaneous shots. That and a host of (semi-!) willing adorable doggie models.

Our cover girl is Chanel the poodle mix. I think she and her sister Coco are dressed up frequently, so they were more than comfortable modelling with a hat.

coco doggie christmas hat

Beau of course will do anything for a treat, “Hat, ya, no problem, how long I gotta hold this – gimme the goodies!”

doggie christmas hat Beau

It’s actually Kelsey’s hat we used (thanks mum!) and though she is not THAT thrilled with the set up, she gave us good eyes for her shot.

doggie christmas hat kelsey

Oh that gorgeous Jamila – she can do no wrong in her doggie christmas hat picture.

doggie christmas hat jamila

Chanel the chihuahua, Jamila’s sister, well she’s got her own puppy stylin’ going on.

doggie christmas hat chanel

Rambo gave us the spark of the doggie christmas hat idea. And with a name like that, we had to give him a special topper that fit his character – dood from the ‘hood works. Please excuse the fact that he is sitting in a doll bed.

doggie christmas hat rambo

Then there are my own three chi. They have had more camera lens popped in their faces than you can shake a maraca at – with Gucci we got it in one shot. Jill put her own spin on the hat, and McGee – he’s my boy.

gucci doggie christmas hat

jill doggie christmas hat

doggie christmas hat mcgee 2

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