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Puppy Daycare Chihuahua Style

Puppy daycare at Furever Pet Care got a sweet boost when puppy Chanel and her sister Jamila came to stay. We were all over the photo opportunity, as well as getting to know the personalities of these two chihuahuas.

To their pet parent mum , they are both bigger than life despite the fact that Jamila is actually only 5 pounds big, and her baby sister only three!

chihuahua daycare

Jamila has the distinctive profile of the chihuahua breed, a 90 degree stop – thats the part of the dog from top of muzzle up to forehead. Some people call that an “apple head” chihuahua. She is now three years old.

She was just a tiny bit shy at first, and she soon warmed up and was looking for cuddles in short order. We were happy to oblige.

little dog chihuahua daycare

Small chihuahua daycare

Chihuahua Puppy Daycare

Chanel the puppy chihuahua is all of 11 and a half weeks old. Apparently her outing in the backyard here at Furever Pet Care was the first time her feet had touched grass. Understandable because she has yet to receive all her vaccinations. She’s also yet to grow a bit more fur to cover up those baby bones in the chilly weather!

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Sister Jamila was there to reassure her anytime.

puppy daycare adventures

She did super well meeting the other dogs in daycare, not a problem for this brave gal. Resident McGee the Chi is the first to say hello.

daycare meetings

Meetings can be little startling at times perhaps …

daycare puppy greetings

Done and done! Chanel gets on with the serious business of having a good time.

puppy daycare toy

I think Chanel is going to learn to fly with those wings of hers – she certain seems willing to try!

It seems Jamila and Chanel’s mum might have liked the puppy daycare idea as much as we did. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of these particular two chihuahuas again real soon.

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