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Wiener Dog Puns

Yup, we just had to do it, there’s a wiener dog in the house for goodness sakes – how could one resist?!! Rambo rocks the wiener dog pun model tip.dachshund puns

More Wiener Dog Puns

Had to go back to our time with Canadian Dachshund Rescue and their knowledgeable dachshund owning posse to dig up the gold.

  • When your wiener sticks out of the zipper ( got it, thanks Rambo!)
  • Dachshund through the snow ( can’t get this shot with Rambo cuz we don’t gotz snow yet!)
  • Don’t trip over my wiener ( and we’ve seen it happen )
  • Everything’s greener under the wiener {umm, what pix would YOU use?!)
  • What did the cowboy say to the wiener dog? Get a long little doggie!

P.S. Research regarding the spelling of the slag term for Dachshund says the proper German spelling is “wIEner” and if you type either that or  “wEIner” you too will get wiener dog puns, visual and otherwise, though they are harder to find than one might think.

If you are reading this, you likely are a wiener dog owner or at least an admirer – please share the wiener dog puns you know and we’ll add to the post!