coco wind blown dog photography

Dog Photography Portraits

Dog photography is one of the side benefits of dog boarding. We sure have had some handsome pups and gorgeous gals here lately. Here are a few of our favourites.

One of the self-directing challenges I give myself is to capture the essence of the dog in a single shot. Very happy with this photograph of  wee dachshund Rambo. His always-curious snout poking into everything is his main claim to fame, and the perspective emphasizes his already long wiener dog body.

dog photography dachshund snout

Dog Photography Perks

Changing lenses gave us the crafty artsy look for these shots. Having a grey overcast sky looks terrific on camera.

coco wind blown dog photography

Coco the poodle-maltese rarely stands still. This wind blown photo captures the essence of her constant movement though in this case she herself is completely still. Except for that twitching nose of course.

dog photography poodle alert

dog portrait watcher

Chanel is a watcher more than a player. Being eight years old makes her a little less bouncy and more of pack sentry. She comes alive when there’s something that needs barking at – we caught her here when “danger” down the path caught her attention.

dog photography eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I believe that is the case for all animals, including dogs. Soy’s shyness with most folks on first meetings belies the depth of his essence.

loyal dog photographyTrue to his breed heritage, he tends to be a one-person dog, fiercely loyal. Once he bestows his trust, he is willing to do most anything on their behalf, include the tolerance of greets, other dogs, even perceived threats. His mom has done a wonderful job socializing him since his rescue from Korea.

Chihuahua dog photography

Her very first visit to Furever Pet Care, and this is the first time Jamila the long haired Chihuahua gave me her eyes. Gorgeous.

With Chanel chihuahua pup, I was going for the transparent ears in this dog photograph – think I got it?

chihuahua ears dog photography

Chanel won’t be a baby very long – check out the next post for some more dog photographs of this little cutie and her sister.

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