dachshund dog boarding

Dachshund Dog Boarding Friends

We got some thank goodness! We were getting worried that our dachshund days were not going to come ’round again cause we have not had a wiener dog visit in ages. Maybe doxie mums and dads just take them everywhere, they are certainly very tote-able. Then Rambo came to the dachshund dog boarding rescue.

Dachshund Dog BoardingĀ Friends

Rambo’s pet parents said he gets along with most dogs, and they are of course spot on. So far this little dachshund dog boarding guest has switched his bestie allegiances on a daily basis.

First night there was Soy the Jindo dog

dachshund jindo friends

Then Fiona who comes for Wednesday daycare every week …

dachshund dog boarding friend

Young Coco the Maltese is up for a run about …

dachshund dog boarding coco rambo

And Chihuahua host McGee makes a good playmate too.

Chanel is a little too shy to play at the moment, but there will be time to bring her ’round – she’s coming back to stay next week.

What other dog boarding friends will our gregarious dachshund meet during his stay? Stay tuned folks, and visit our Facebook page for more!

dachshund dog boarding