dog halloween rocky killer

Halloween Dog Eight Pack

How much dog Halloween fun can you have with eight puppies and a big bag of costumes?! This much and more!

Dog Halloween Fun

Teddy the Yorkshire Frogteddy frog dog halloween

Gucci the Sushi
dog halloween gucci sushi

McGee the Cowboydog halloween mcgee cowboy

McGee does two bad boy poses … he’s channeling his inner mumz!dog halloween mcgee bad boy dog halloween mcgee rap

Jill of course gets to wear the princess outfit – her expression, perfect!dog halloween pricess jill dog halloween jill princess

Couldn’t help laughing out loud when Aussie tried to do “onnocent” Captain Jack!

dog halloween captain jack

Ahhh, so much more in character Captain Jack Sparrow-Dogdog halloween aussie pirate

Rocky gets his own bad boy halloween killer rocky dog halloween rocky killer

Dog Halloween Continues

Bandit loved dressing up in costumes so much we did him twice

dog halloween bandit devil dog halloween bandit cowboy

Testing the set – give us your scary face kids!

dog halloween test

Oscar was our first of the season – he’s sporting the cowboy outfit – for guinea pigs from PetsSmart – d’oh!

dog halloween costume

Oscar was seriously un-impressed with his turkey garb, though he made a valiant attempt to strike the turkey pose!dog halloween oscar turkey

Sofie Taylor models her mumz own creations. Colleen actually makes some of the most delicious harness / dresses on earth.
sofie outfit dog halloween

Oh my goodness this whole shoot had me laughing so hard I just might try another one – bring on the Halloween dogs my friends!