lagotto romagnolo

Mr. Lagotto Romagnolo

Murphy lives in the Niagara region but his legacy comes from Italy! His breed is the Lagotto Romagnolo, which apparently means “lake dog of Romagna.” Some of his close cousin breeds are the Barbet, Spanish and Portuguese Water Dog. 

lagotto romagnolo sitting

Lagotto Romagnolo Dog Boarding

I always feel privileged to spend time with dogs from different backgrounds, its a wonderful way to fill out knowledge that can be lent back to our Furever patrons and dog training peeps at the Petsmart.

We were also on duty to take Avalon for her morning brekkie and hike, so we took Murphy along for the ride. The two of them took all of two minutes to become best buds.

Murphy looking like the water dog he is after a nice long hike in field and woods.lagotto romagnolo and rretriever

A big congratulations to Murphy’s mumz Jennifer and dadz Kevin who got married the weekend Murphy hung out with us. Along with all those wedding preparations they made time to complete not only Puppy Training but Intermediate Dog Training with their furbaby – not that is ambition!

lagotto romagnolo graduate

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