jack puppy petsitting

Puppy Petsitting with Jack the Shih-Poo

A puppy whose energy know no bounds! Puppy petsitting is a handful with a 16 week old Shih Tzu Poodle in the house. But oh so adorable!

Puppy Petsitting

cute puppy petsitting

Hard to get a shot of this little guy – he is always on the go. You gain maybe 30 micro-seconds for a shot when you put the dog on a surface that’s new to them.

Otherwise its snap as you can with Jack in action. Jack is just learning to sit. Though he has mis-interpreted Buddy’s example just a bit here.

buddy and jack puppy petsitting

Puppy Jack does better with a prop.

prop puppy petsitting

And even more better with a playmate. Oscar the Maltese mix is a puppy too, just 6 months old.  Took them a minute or two, but in short order they were playing like, well, like puppies!

play puppy petsitting

We’re looking forward to a few more days of his week-long stay at Furever Pet Care – click on over to our Facebook page to see even more adorable dog photos and a few special videos too.

puppy petsitting pose


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