Oscars Are Us – Pet Boarding Star Power

What does Furever Pet Care and the Academy Awards have in common? Oscars! We are starting the year with all kinds of star power, not just one but TWO Oscars in pet boarding — Oscar the Cat and Oscar the Dog!

star dog boarding

Dog Boarding Star Power

Not to mention the franchise favourite that brought Stallone to fame, we also our canine award winner Rocky!

dog boarding award winner

Facebook star Sofie and her brother Teddy will be undertaking their pre-award-show make-overs in the next few days. Just because they are super-cute no matter their bed-head state of affairs, here’s the “before” dog grooming shot.

dog boarding grooming

Here’s our previous Christmas photo shoot so you see Sofie’s typical  movie-star glam.

movie star dog boarding

And of course Oscar the Cat, our first full cat boarding Guest. As you can see, he is becoming quite comfortable in his new dressing room. All he needs now is a small silver bell!

cat boarding pet care

Stand by for more kitty pictures – we have the privilege of petsitting a lovely pair of cats named Frankie and Betty this weekend. Wonder if they voted for The Secret Life of Pets?!!

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