Intermediate class dog training

Dog Training Grads Moving On Up

Dog training dog stars were the order of the evening when we graduated two entire classes of Petsmart dog training participants!  First up, our previous Puppy level grads are now Intermediate graduates. They include Jack Russell Terrier Beau, Wiemaraner Coonhound Cooper,  German Shepherd Dog Captain and Labradoodle Hannah.

Dog Training Grads

Each of these growing puppies were challenged with adding the 3Ds to their foundation dog training – Distraction, Duration and Distance.Labradoodle dog trainingHannah the Labradoodle is a sweet, relatively calm dog during class. At home though, her mom reports that as she has grown, Hannah tends to want to surf counters (now that she can reach them!) and respond more slowly to commands she knows well. Susan and Kevin will work on upping the ante on rewards to reinforce quick cues, and ensure the commands are clear and concise.

Jack Russell Terrier dog training

Beau the Jack Russell Terrier has the dream life for his breed type. He spends days on the farm and has lots of off leash time to burn off his tremendous energy. Not surprisingly, he has a little work to do polishing his “down” command, but you ought to see this little guy to puppy push ups and spin in circles – what a star! He is definitely ready for Advance classes.

german shepherd dog training

Captain the German Shepherd Dog is a champ at recall and loose leash walking. When his pet parents ask him to “heel” he looks like a star police dog in training! As he learns even more commands, his tendency to bark his feelings about absolutely everything ought to settle down a little. Julia and Matt are teaching his to “speak” in order to then teach him “Quiet,” a bit of reverse engineering that can be quite handy.

coonhound dog training

Dog Training Advance

All the dogs and their pet parents were totally dedicated to seeing these pooches take on the next level of becoming the best companions they can be. Congratulations to all, and we look forward to meeting up with these dogs and their hardworking pet parents in the Advanced level dog training coming up soon.

dog training advanced

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