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Great Dane Hali, Big Dog = Big Heart

Great Dane Hali is a big treat for us – we love having big dog guests here at Furever Pet Care dog boarding! A gal can really wrap arms around a gentle giant like Hali, and believe me that we did in spades!

Great Dane Stories

It’s not my first up close and personal experience with the Great Dane breed. Back when we were creating the Furever Home TV series we spent quite a bit of time with indie rescue group Danes in Distress. One of the highlights was attending the semi-annual┬áDane-a-Thon fundraiser. Imagine more than 100 Great Danes all at one huge venue, in this cases acres and acres in friendly farmer’s field.

Furever Home reporter (and dog trainer) Lisa Marshall caught these videos at the event:

Wendy Clarence of Dames Saving Dames helped report on this heart-warming rescue story

Great Dane Dog Care

But now, back to our here and now and Hali. Her mum let us know that Hali’s primary activity is sleeping. No problem, we can accommodate that! We happen to have the perfect low-slung, 7 foot long sofa perfect for Dane naps.

great dane dog care

Hali loves it, cause she can prop her canoodler on the arm, a perfect height for watching what’s doing out the window.

great dane dog care window

One of the reasons Hali’s mum decided on home based dog boarding for Hali is because she gets cold while doing all that chillin’ out. Being a senior pup at 7 years old, its understandable. So we help her feel comfortable by wrapping her up in her blankets, and she is pleased as punch to be her dignified self all day.

Oh, and speaking of Danes and TV, this Great Dane loves to watch it! Last night we dialed in to Zootopia – what a hoot to watch her watch the cartoon animals – BOL!

Great Dane watches tv

We got out for walks four times and day – she loves walks, and we don’t go too too far cause its cold out still. And when there is an appropriate other guest dog to meet, we do that too. She didn’t mind saying hello to Shih Poo puppy Jack in the back yard.

great dane meet up

If you are interested in helping Great Danes that may need a new loving home, contact Danes in Distress – tell Jim that Judith sent ya!

Danes in Distress Save Dog Lives, Big Time!