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Dog Parkour Summer ’22

Dog parkour, or as it’s sometimes called urban agility for dogs, is a fairly new canine sport. It blends elements of human parkour (moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, running on, jumping over and climbing obstacles) with dog agility as well as dog flyball skills, dog tricks, canine obedience as well as stamina for the dog and handler. . Everything that Stella loves and to which she aspires (me too!).

So we were completely thrilled when SnackMaster Shute — aka Candice of Unleashed Niagara, where we train dogs — proposed we make Dog Parkour part of our school curriculum.

Join Us at Unleashed Niagara for Parkour Summer 2022!

This sport can be practiced anywhere. At it’s heart it is an outdoor sport of creativity and athleticism. Dog practitioners need be of no particular breed. Handlers do not need to be particularly athletic themselves. Getting ready for the urban obstacles can start inside using agility equipment and dog tricks moves.

There are rules to the game to help make it fun and a challenge for all. There is an organization through which dog-person teams can qualify for titles – – Who doesn’t love a ribbon and a smiley photo on the wall of the dog’s room!

See the world in a whole new way. It’s full of opportunities, not difficulties!
Video courtesy International Dog Parkour Organization

Stella and I have ventured out a bit on our own. It’s going to be super fun when Candice and I start scouting and leaping through the region. It’s going to be a bonanza when we launch the Parkour Unleashed Club this summer. Watch out Niagara, here we come!

Join Us at Unleashed Niagara for Parkour Summer 2022!