Certified Trick Dog Instructor Awarded to Judith Keenan

Upon proven skill at training a dog; and upon sound
knowledge of dog training technique as evaluated on
exams; and upon demonstrated ability to communicate
training techniques to students; Do More With Your Dog!®
proudly awards the certification of to Judith Keenan on April 12, 2022.

I love doing tricks with my dogs, I love learning tricks with my dogs and dogs entrusted to my care. I really enjoy teaching tricks to other pet parents and their canine companions. Maybe it’s because the spirit of joy tends to infuse the learning. When we are doing it well, the parents and the dogs are having a blast. The “oopsies” and the bloopers are just as hilarious and sometimes more eye-opening than the tricks themselves.

Tricks have led us to all kinds of interesting adventures, like performing in live theatre and shooting television commercials!

dog training for the stage

Stella, McGee, Jill and Gucci as my wonder-dog sightless but always happy cheerleader will continue to enjoy and explore this realm of dog training with hopes to lead by example.

Many thanks to Kyra Sundance who created Do More With Your Dog!® to spread the happy dance and to Jessica Budd CTDI whose Facebook group Team Jasper Spark Team evaluated our early trick title submissions. Big shout out to Candice Shute at Unleashed Niagara Professional Dog School whose faith and confidence allows us to share our growing knowledge of dog trick training with more pet parents!