Trick Dog Title, McGee

That old adage about old dogs and new tricks – pssshaawww! On the cusp of this eleventh birthday, McGee the Chi earned his official Trick Dog Title, Novice from Do More With Your Dog. Watch how he does it!

We got rather over-excited about the project, so the video includes more elements than are officially considered “tricks” by the adjudicators. That is to say some of them are Obedience exercises. The criteria for the Novice Title is to achieve 15 points, with each Novice level trick worth one point. Intermediate level trick count for 2 points! So the ones that “count” towards McGee’s title in this video are the following:

  1. Down
  2. Focus / Watch 6 seconds
  3. Doggy Push Ups – Sit Down sequence
  4. Sit Pretty (Intermediate Level, 2 points!)
  5. Speak
  6. Fetch (Bring it Near Me) – plus McGee throws it back but that’s not included in the criteria lol!
  7. Catch a ball in mid-air
  8. Stay (Sit) – 6 feet, 10 seconds
  9. Hand Signals (no voice) 3 behaviours (down, stand, speak)
  10. Spin
  11. Paws up on an object
  12. Kennel Up with wait 5 seconds
  13. Jump Over leg – but he is too small so he jumps over my arm
  14. Come
  15. Pedestal – send from 3 feet, stay for 5 seconds
  16. Which hand holds the treat (2 x)
  17. Leave It 10 seconds
  18. Drop It
  19. Loose Leash Walking – 30 feet
  20. Bar Jump
  21. Hoop Jump

More Dog Titles for McGee

While we’re on the subject of titles, McGee also achieved his Canine Good Neighbour title in July 2019, at the experienced age of 9 years. He started practicing for this exam n his 9th birthday. Even more proof that senior dogs enjoy having a job just as much as any.

Especially during these stay-at-home times, when we have the option to spend a little more quality time with the pooches, consider investing some treats and play in your canine companion. Guaranteed they’ll appreciate the work.

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