2019 Christmas Dog Photos – The Big Guy Sessions

“Big” is a relative thing. For instance, my “biggest” dog weighs five pounds. So that means that about 75% of our dog boarding guests are “big” relative to my big guy! Our Christmas photo chronicles continue in this post with the dogs guests that are actually big, as well as those that are relatively big. Happy holidays to our sofa-filling furry friends!

This is Cedar, a legitimately big dog at 70 pounds and counting. Being a young guy, he may fill out a bit more before he’s all the way done. In the meantime he was a good sport and let us put the Santa suit on the only part of him it fit!

Cedar Northern Dog Rescue, saved as a pup and still going strong

Beau is another big dog in the making. At just 7 months old this Christmas season, he is for sure going to put on both pounds and inches. His breed is a Flat Coated Retriever, not a common breed in these parts. What are the chances then, that we host not one but TWO of these wonderful dogs this Christmas season?!

Beau Flat Coated Retriever 7 months old

This is Daisy, just flown in from the West Coast! Mom and Dad are moving back to Ontario after a stint in British Columbia. What with the holly-daze her B.C. petsitter out of commission and moving and various visits and trips, it would have been a little chock-a-block for Daisy to have followed her people about hither and yon. So we get the best Christmas present of all, we get to spend a good long chunk of time with this amazing gentle soul.

Flat Coated Retriever Daisy, 9 years young

What can we say about rascally Jack?! That he wears his tux better than James Bond? Yes! That he knows where is top hat goes? Yes! That he gives the best Bernese Mountain Dog puppy smiles we’ve ever seen? Well yes to that too! Happy first Christmas Jack, and here’s to many more.

Jack Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, also just 7 months old for Christmas 2019

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