2019 Christmas Dog Photos – The Sassy Sessions

Santa is a pretty fair-minded fella; even if his furry friends are a little sassy at times, he’ll generally give them a pass if the participate nicely in the Furever Per Care photo sessions BOL! Herewith are our Sassy Sessions doggies, from Yorkie to Staffie, Min Pin and Bostie, with a pit stop at Frenchie.

The Sassy Sessions Christmas 2019

We have been privileged to share time with Mocha the Yorkie ever since she was a wee pup in puppy classes. Now she is all growed up and looking sparking great in her Christmas finery.

Mocha the Yorkie

Oh my goodness what can be we say about sassy and smiley young Vito? Well just about anything in fact, cause he does not hold back on the loving, playing, posing or anything else. He is all in all the time! And that includes some excellent learning with mumz and dadz at Sit Down and Stay professional dog training skool. Yup, he has passed his puppers and is on his way to great things as a PRO-fessional dawgie. Santie, give him an extra bone from us!

Vito Corleone as we like to call him!

Bosco the Bostie is another busy young fella, and he paused long enough with Furever Pet Care to don his best tuxedo. Is this pup born to it or what? Look out Mr. Bond, here comes your doggy doppleganger Bosco!

Bosco the Bostie

Stella Min Pin with a dash of Rat Terrier for spice. That’s what makes her a sassy lass indeed.

Stella the Min Pin
What’s under the tree Stella?!

Nash the French Bulldog, being anything but stubborn this Christmas season. It was a tough gig, and we ended up wearing the hat upside down, but who can quibble with face like that! Thank you Nash, for snortin’ and snurffling you way into our holiday hearts.

Our gallery of Santy dog Sassiness!