2019 Christmas Dog Photos – The Sibling Sessions

The mark of the dedicated dog photographer – multiples! That is to say getting more than one dog in a shot, in focus, eyes forward, and for Christmas 2019 – in outfits with props! I said “dedicated,” not always successful. As one of my mentors once told me, sometimes the perfect shot captures a mood, a moment, a certain look and just may be a little fuzzy too. Here are our 2019 Christmas Dog Photos The Sibling Sessions.

The Sibling Sessions

Working with Cortez and Vuitton was an easier session that most. That’s because these two chihuahuas have age and wisdom on their side – the sooner she gets the shot, the sooner its over and we can get back to serious napping! It helps that they are often joined at the hip anyway. Thanks boys!

Cortez and Vuitton Chihuahuas

Chelsea the ‘poo figured she would fake me out – just make like you actually ARE napping and maybe she will give up! Lucky was a little more into the photo shoot, and having the right kind of treats certainly helps the focus.

Lucky and Chelsea

Is there anything more expressive than beagle eyes? Methinks not! Arlington the beagle was born with makeup on. Fiona lounges about and soaks up all the attention. The newest DiBiasi pack member, little Peanut Caramel the chihuahua is her sister’s polar opposite when it comes to posing for the lens.

Fiona and Arlington
The DiBiasi Trio

Last of the sibling sessions, and the hardest one too. Three dogs, and two of them black – woo hoo. Summer the Frenchie loves the attention but has the attention span of a frenzied gnat. Rocky her brother will do anything to please, even wear a hat, which is kind of him indeed. Shar-pei Layla is pretty chill about the whole affair. Once she assumed her position, she pretty much held the session together just as she does her sibling pack.

The Roxburgh Trio
Rocky the Frenchie
French Bulldog Summer
Layla Shar-pei

2019 Christmas Dog Photos

It’s been a joy and a challenge to photograph thirty dogs this 2019 Christmas season. The sessions certainly did a lot to get me through the holiday. Now its time to sit back, or take a walk, or nap along with my charges. Merry merry happy happy to all my wonderful clients and their companions, truly could not do it without you!