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Malamute Puppy Love

Malamute puppy love, we totally get it now. When our friend Sarah told us she was not only bringing home a malamute puppy, but she was looking to share her with us while Sarah went on a business trip, well, we were on board in a heartbeat. Here is a little report on Frankie’s stay at Furever Pet Care.

Malamutes are working dogs, and Frankie comes from a mom and dad that are titled sled dogs. We taught her a couple of moves, including “perch,” where we ask puppy to step up on various objects. Not only does it start shaping useful behaviours like getting into the car on her own, it makes baby dogs proud and confident.

Look at me perch!

Being a busy and curious baby puppy, we elected to have Frankie work for every meal in the most fun way possible. That included scatter feeding, using the dispensing treat ball, or adding water to the kibble in her bowl so that it was slippery dipping to get all the bits.

Scatter feeding is a good way to have puppy use her brain and her nose.

Of course everything ends up in puppy’s mouth – sticks included!

Sticks are fun!

Introducing puppy to new experiences while they are in the impressionable period between 10 and 16 weeks is a terrific thing to undertake. Young puppies are really a blank canvas at this age, so positive reinforcement can go a long way in shaping the dogs long term view of the world.

And it goes without saying that malamute puppy Frankie was able to meet many other guest dogs staying at Furever Pet Care. Doggie friends included Charlie chihuahua, Min Pin Stella and toy poodle Wrigley, all 1 year old. Plus beagles Comfort and Joy, rescued dogs Bennie and Ruby, and more.

Frankie and Stella
Frankie and Comfort
Frankie and Bennie
Frankie and Wrigley

Malamute Puppy Love

Oh so fun to have a big working breed puppy like Frankie the Malamute over for a spell. It was a learning experience as it always is with every dog guest, and we very much appreciate Sarah’s faith and trust in having Frankie come to stay at Furever Pet Care!