foxhound beagle adopt a dog

ADOPTED! Foxhound Beagle Adopt A Dog

Piper is a Foxhound Beagle (75%/25%) staying with us here at Furever Pet Care while we work to find her a new furever home.

Furever Pet Care is located in Niagara Falls, where Piper is now. She was born in the northern region of Ontario Sep 9, 2019. At 7 months of age now, she weighs just over 30 pounds, stands about 21″ at the shoulder, is spayed and up to date with her vaccines.

foxhound adoption

Her first family surrendered her to us due to their own circumstances. I have known her since she was an even younger pup – Piper is a healthy happy typical young hound with all that that means.

foxhound run

This foxhound mix comes from a competition line of field working foxhounds. She requires at least 1 hour of high energy exercise per day for her physical needs. For her mental needs, and in order not to indulge in puppy-type destructive behaviour, she requires ongoing dedication to her obedience training.

foxhound adoption

Since staying with us, she has been crate trained and housebroken. She is now working on basic obedience skills such as walking on leash, sit, stay, down, recall as well as impulse control to curtail counter surfing and jumping on people. She is reactive to most everything outside as we work on her exposure to new things and self-control. True to her breed she requires consistent, repetitive positive reinforcement by which she is making steady progress.

Learning to walk nicely on leash

Piper would be a great dog for an active family with a fenced yard or equivalent safe outlet for off-leash exercise. If left unattended in a yard, she can become bored and therefore find amusement in digging and jumping over fences lower than 4 feet.

As a typical hound often is, she is goofy and loving and eager to work when given appropriate exercise and structure. She is good with other dogs and I would love to see her in a home with another dog to help her learn and help burn off her high energy. She is not cat tested, though she is born of a field scent/hunt dog line so families with other small furry creatures (including tiny dogs) may not be a good match.

Applications are being accepted via email only. Interested families are asked to contact via email by April 26, 2020. Email can be found on our contact page.

foxound beagle adopt a dog