ADOPTED! Anastasia Lady Rat Looking for Furever Friends

Wonderful news – our lovely lady friend has been adopted to a wonderful loving home with 3 rattie sisters, two of which are young like her. She will have the run of a super comfy 5-level rat condo, and lots of time out of the cage too. We could not be more happy for her, and thank to good folk on Facebook for helping us get the word out! Congratulations Anastasia!

We have a young rattie gal that is sadly by her self. Her sisters were purchased from the pet store before the doors closed due to the pandemic. We were able to bring her out of the store recently to find her a forever home.

Foster mum is calling her pretty Anastasia. We are looking for a responsible rat pet parent who is set up and ready to take her. That is to say has a proper sized enclosure, female or neutered male companion(s).

She is just starting to learn to appreciate human friendship, approximately 6 months old, was the shy one of the trio when she previously did have company.

Currently being cared for in Fonthill/Welland area, Ontario Canada. Please email your interest to fureverca- at – gmail – dot – com.