2019 Christmas Dog Photos – The Chihuahua Sessions

Taking Christmas dog photos has become our “thing” here at Furever Pet Care. As McGee our resident Chihuahua Pack Leader says, “watch out dog boarding guests, if you are within range, you are going to get shot!” See part 1 of our complete 2019 Christmas dog photo gallery here!

Chihuahua Christmas Dogs

Christmas McGee the Chi

As number one son and Chihuahua pack leader, McGee the Chi starts our 2019 Christmas dog photo gallery with style and panache.

Gucci is number two chihuahua resident dog here at Furever Pet Care. You can mostly find him sleeping under seven covers the whole winter through, but he took a photo break to model the super cute Christmas Elf gear!

Jill is a naughty girl sneaking into this part of the Christmas dog photo gallery. Though she has a good bit of Chihuahua in her genes, she is 70% Pomeranian says DNAmydog!

Nice Jill Chihuahua

Also borrowing from the Chihuahua gene pool, here’s Abby! Her other half is Italian Greyhound, and you can see that heredity in her long long legs! And those eyes, that pose, that “I can wear anything and look gorgeous…” , well. we will put that down to her Chi-ness.

Little tiny Vuitton almost got lost in the decor, naughty little Christmas chihuahua!

Vuitton amongst the sparkles!

Brother chihuahua Cortez gave us the happy eye, cuz, well, that’s what he’s got!

Watch our webpage for more 2019 Christmas dog photo gallery entries coming all through December!