dog boarding pre-stay

Doggy Play Date For Beau

We made a play date with Beau in advance of his longer stay because it will be this puppy’s very first boarding experience. Beau is a young Flat Coated Retriever who will be with us in December dog boarding for a little more than a week. Here’s how he got along with the current pups during his play date.

First order of business after drop off – do your business Beau! With many dogs comes many scents, and those scents often prompt a “urinary expression” from the new guy. We always do some focused potty time for the new dog boarder.

Doggy Play Date For Reals

Once business was attended to, its time to make some doggy introductions. Stella is a young Min Pin who tends to get along with the other dog guests with the proper introduction. This was no exception; she and Beau had a nice romp around the yard. So funny to watch Beau – he is only 6 months old and still clumsy with all those lanky legs – hard for him to keep up!

We introduced him to Jack the Bernese Mountain Dog next. Like Beau, he is yet to be altered. Sometimes a neutered dog and an un-altered dog are not the best match. With these two being more or less at the same stage in life, there was happily only good vibes between them.

dog boarding play date

Then it was time to come on inside and see if Beau could settle and be comfortable in this new environment. After a little crate nap (to which he objected only mildly, yea!) he got a little free time to roam in the playroom and pose for some one on one pictures.

And finally, cause it t’is the season, Beau graced us with his gorgeous self in a series of holiday photos, but you’ll have to come visit during the countdown to Christmas to see his whole portfolio. Here’s a super cute tease just cause you are on the page 😉

Just one of Beau’s stunning holiday poses!

By all accounts, he is going to make a lovely dog boarding guest here at Furever Pet Care. Mom and Dad are going to do a little bit of homework with the crating before he arrives, so he will be as comfortable as possible during his longer stay. We are so grateful to pet parents that make time for pre-stay play before their vacay!