2019 Christmas Dog Photos – The Fluffy Sessions

We are blessed to have so many dog boarding guests this 2019 holiday season. Thats why we are able to bring you so many adorable Christmas dog photos that we can publish them in themed sessions. Here are the fluffy Christmas pups!

The Fluffy Dog Sessions

Lucky is a rescued dog come all the way from Lebanon 5 years ago. He’s happily been through a few Christmases with his furever family now, and here’s to many more Lucky boy!

Zsa Zsa has come to board a couple of times, and she’s always at her most photogenic. This baby puppy is going to grow up a star dog model!

Tippy the Shih Tzu is not fazed by the glitter and glamour. She is an old soul in an adorable dog body and is welcome at Furever Pet Care any time of the year!

We have known our little mischievous Hermione Shih Poo since she started puppy school two years ago. We never see enough of this active tornado, she is a wonderful guest to bring life to any dog pawty!

Distinguished gentleman and ultimate diplomat is our boy Oliver. Loved by doggy guests big and small, adored by his Chi-Iggy sister Abby, he is everything anyone could ever want in a purebred Shih Tzu. Thanks for everything Ollie!

2019 Christmas Dog Photos

The Fluffy Sessions Gallery

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