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Rescued is our Favorite Breed! Katie and Bailey Review

We absolutely love meeting families who have chosen to open their hearts and homes to homeless dogs in need. That’s just what Fran and her family did when they adopted 12 year old Katie the Pug just two months ago. Katie was rescued from a hoarding situation.

Rescued Is Our Favorite Breed

Triple kudos for taking Katie in despite the attributes that reputably make a dog even harder to place in a furever home – she is a senior, she has some special needs, and she is pure black.
pug rescue daycare

Katie & Bailey’s Mom Reviews Furever Pet Care

We were spending a couple of days visiting Niagara Falls and needed a cool and safe place to leave our two dogs. Judith turned out to be the perfect solution. They had a fenced yard to play in, the house had ac, she took them on walks and played with them. On drop off the second day, they seemed happy to be back with her. We were able to enjoy our vacation time knowing they were well cared for and having a good time. As a professional trainer Judith even worked with our one year old Boston on commands and made some great recommendations to us as parents.

boston terrier playBailey is the other fur-baby in the family. Like many of her breed, she is smart, active, happy and loves to play. She and her family are taking training classes and working on commands – she knows sit, stay, park it, down, and is still working on heel.  We taught her “wait” so she doesn’t continue to bowl over or jump over her slightly slower moving sister – age before beauty Bailey!

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Katie and Bailey found Furever Pet Care on Rover.com – you can too!